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Vision Mission & Objectives


To be the department of choice in teacher education and teacher professional development nationally, regionally and globally.


To preserve, create, disseminate knowledge and develop cultural heritage through quality teaching, research and extension.


  • Promote, create and nurture competence, honesty and moral uprightness I teacher education
  • Foster teamwork, creativity, effective communication, tolerance, perseverance and culture of peace through education.
  • Promote excellence, openness and broad consultation and consensus building, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Initiate and promote scholarship, academic freedom and research
  • Promote continuing education.


  1. To review curricula after every five years to keep abreast with needs of society.
  2. To broaden access and opportunities of postgraduate programmes by admitting at least 80 students every year.
  3. To conduct research in education and produce at least eight publications in refereed journals per year.
  4. To ensure that at least 95% of each cohort of students registered in courses offered in the department score at least 40%.
  5. To meet teacher development needs by facilitating at least one in-service seminar for practicing teachers every two years.



            E.M. Standa, BA, MA, Ph.D., (New York State) (On Leave of Absence)  

            R.N. Otunga, B.Ed., (Nairobi), M.Ed. (Kenyatta), D.Phil. (1995) (Moi)     

                                 (On leave of Absence)

C.W. Mukwa B.A. with Ed. Option (Nairobi) M.A., Ph.D, 1979) (Michigan)

Associate Professor:

L. P. Barasa, Dip.Ed. (Siriba), M.Phil, Ph.D. (1998) (Hull-U.K.)                 

            J. Too, B.Ed M.Phil. Ph.D. (2004) (Moi)

K.E. Ongeti, B.Ed. (Nairobi), M.Ed. (KU) P.hD(2008) (Moi)                                            

            M. W. Mwaka, B.Ed. (KU), M.Phil. (Moi) D. Phil (2008) (Moi)


 Senior Lecturers:    

           D. W. Wanyonyi, B.A., PGDE (KU). M.Phil. D. Phil (2008) (Moi) (HOD)

           J. Musamas Kemboi, B.Ed. M.Ed. (1996) (KU)

           F.G. Chenge, B.Ed. (Nairobi), M.Ed. 1982) (KU)                

           C. Omulando, B.Ed., EM.Ed., Ph.D. (Moi)  

           A. Kisilu, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Moi)            

           Violet Opata P.hD (2005) (Moi)

           Dr. Joseph K. Kirui B.Ed. (KU), M.Phil, Ph.D (2011)

           A. Osman Dip Ed, B.A (Ohio) M.A, M.Ed, Ph D (2002) (Ohio)                 


 G. L. Muhandiki, B.Ed, M.Ed. (KU) M.Phil (1992) (Carbridge)                

            Charles N. Oā€¯mottanya B.A (Andrews USA) M.Phil (2001) (Moi) 

           K. Kimutai, B.Ed. (Nairobi) M.Ed. (1995) (Bristol)                         

            J. Okere, B. A. (Dar-es-Salaam), M.Ed. (KU)                                               

            J.O. Wamakonjio, B.Ed. (KU), M.Ed. (KU)                                     


            C. Anahinga B.Ed (Moi), M.Phil (Moi), D.Phil (2009) (Moi)                       

            S. Odongo, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Moi)

            A. N. Agumba, B.Ed., PGDE (KU), M.Phil (Moi)                           

            A. Maiyo, B.Ed. (Makerere), M.Phil (2006) (Moi)                            

            Mary E. Kerich B.Ed. (KU), M.Phil (Moi)                                        


            Benedette Lwagula Dip Ed, B Phil (UK) M.Ed (1998) (UK)                      

            Anne Syomwene, B.Ed (Moi), M.Ed (Moi) D. Phil (2009) (Moi)                

            Susan Kurgat, B.Ed (KU), M.Ed, D.Phil (2011) (Moi)                                

            Alice Yungungu, B.Ed (Moi) M.Ed, D.Phil (2009) (Moi)               


 Assistant Lecturers:

            Peter Kaptingei, B.Ed, (KU), M.Phil (2008)           

Betty Tonui M.A. (Alagappa) M.Phi (1999)                                                            

            Karani E. B.Ed (Moi) , M.Phil (1996) (Moi)                                    

            Waititu Francis B.Ed, (Moi), M.Phil (1996) (Moi)                            

            Sr. Mary Cheptabok B.Ed (Catholic) M.Phil (2005) (Moi)               

            Genvieve S. Nasimiyu B.Ed, (KU), M.Phil (1997) (Moi)                 

             Violet Mukoya Wangila, M.Phil (2011)                                           

             Isaac Waswa Shitubi, B.Ed. (KU), M.Phil. (2002)                          

             Philomena J. Chepsiror, B.Ed, M.Phil (2011) Moi                           

             Mak'obila Laban Adero, B.Ed, M.Phil (2010)Moi                          

             Philip K. Mwei, B.Ed, M.Phil (2009)Moi                                        

             Margrate C. Kimwarey, B.Ed, M.Phil (2010) Moi

             Maryslessor O. Anusu, B.Ed. (KU), M.Phil (2011) Moi

Hillary Busolo,

David Njuguna, B.Ed., M.Ed., (Moi)

Edna Koe

Koimur Kiplagat, B.Ed., M.Phil (Moi)

Sella Kisaka, (On Leave of Absence)

F. Chemutai, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Moi)

Tutorial Fellow

Christopher Rono, B.Ed., M.Ed., (Moi)

J. Kosgei, B.Ed., M.Ed., (Moi)

E. Mulwo, B.Ed., M.Ed., (Moi)

R. Momanyi, B.Ed., M.Ed., (Moi)

Sally Sang


1. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
2. M.Phil. in Educational Technology
3. M.Phil. in Curriculum Development
4. M.Phil. in Language Education (English)
5. M.Phil. in Geography Education
6. M.Phil. in History Education
7. M.Phil. in Language Education (Kiswahili)
8. M.Phil. in Literature Education
9. M.Phil. (Religious Studies Education)
10. M.Phil. in Mathematics Education
11. M.Phil. in Social Education and Ethics
12. M.Phil in Home Science and Technology Education
13. D.Phil. in Educational Communication and Technology
14. D.Phil. in Curriculum Studies
15. D.Phil. in Language Education
16. D.Phil in Social Education and Ethics
17. D.Phil in Religious Education

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