Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Research and Evaluation

University Admission Requirements

The following shall be eligible to register for the Doctorate Degree programme

  1. Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Holder of a Master’s Degree of Moi University in the relevant field, or
  3. Holder of a Master’s Degree from any accredited university by CUE
  4.  University Holder of other qualifications considered as equivalent to a relevant Master’s degree

Other Admission Requirements (where applicable)

  1. A statement/concept paper of intended research (not exceeding 1000 words) to demonstrate personal interest and insight regarding the research topic and ability to undertake research independently through a provisional conceptualization and design of the research.
  2. For international students, Admission will normally be granted subject to the candidate fulfilling the Commission for University Education requirement.

Procedure of Application for Admission to the University

Applications for admission into a PhD programme shall be submitted online to the Dean on prescribed forms with appropriate application fees receipt. The candidate submits certified copies of Bachelors and Master’s degree certificates, plus all the relevant transcripts and testimonials must also be submitted for verification by a relevant body. Upon admission, the candidate shall present the original certificates for verification.

Duration of the Programme

The programme shall normally take a period of three (3) academic years. An academic year shall normally consist of two Semesters each lasting fourteen weeks.

Mode of Delivery of the Programme

The mode of delivery of the programme shall be full time and part-time study offered through a blend of face to face and online teaching modes. The programme is to be completed by coursework and thesis. 

Programme Structure

First Year

First Semester

Course Code            Title  Units
RME 901C Advanced Quantitative Methods and their Application in Education 3
RME 902C Advanced Qualitative Methods and their Application in Education 3
RME 907C Research Seminar on Emerging Issues in Educational research and evaluation 3
RME 906C Research Ethics And Integrity 3
RME 908C Evaluation Theories and Designs in education 3
RME 904C  Participatory Action Research 3
Sub-Total   18 Units

Second Semester

Course Code            Title  Units
RME 903C Advanced Mixed Methods Research 3
PSY 916C Advanced Educational Measurement And Evaluation 3
EDU 902C Research Proposal and Thesis Writing 3
CIM 924C Systems Evaluation in Education 3
RME 905C Project and Programme Evaluation in Education 3
RME 909C  Data Science and Data Analytics 3
Elective One Course 3
Sub-Total   21 Units

ELECTIVE COURSES- To Select 1 Course

Code  Title  Units
CIM 921-E Curriculum Innovation and Implementation 3
EDF 915E Growth And Development Of Educational Policy And Legal Framework 3

Second Year

First and Second Semester

Course Code            Title  Units
EDU 999C Fieldwork 15

Third Year

First and Second Semester

Course Code            Title  Units
EDU 999C Fieldwork 15

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