Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Department of Curriculumum Instruction and Educational Media

Aim of the Programme

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Education course is aimed at providing the broad training requisite for: Providing an opportunity for general graduates who wish to take up teaching as a career, to get professional training in education.

Semester 1

Code Title Units
 PSY 710 Educational Psychology 2
 ECT 710 Methods of Teaching, Media and Resources 2
 EDF 710 Philosophy of Education 2
 EDF 711 History of Education 2
 PAC 710 Educational Admin. & Management 2
 EDU 710 Project (To be continued in 2nd semester) 1
 ECT 711 Educational Media & Resources  2
  Total loading for 1st semester 5

Semester 2

Code Title Units
 EDF 710 Sociology of Education & Comparative Education 2
 PAC 720 Educational Planning and Economics 2
 PSY 720 Guidance and Counselling 2
 PSY 721 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 2
 ECT 721 Subject Methods (Each subject 2 units) 4
 EDU 720 Project (To be completed) 1
 ECT 760 Media Practicals & Microteaching 2
 ECT 730 Teaching Practice (after course work) 4
   Loading for 2nd Semester 20


Objectives of the Programme

The Post-Graduate in Education course is a one year professional training in Education which aims at turning a general graduate into a professional teacher in the various disciplines of professional education. At the successful completion of the course, the teacher will have been provided with skills to enable him/her to:

  1. Teach competently at school or other learning institutions.

  2. Prepare and develop teaching plans, schemes of work, notes, teaching aids and be able to use such other resources and facilities that will promote learning as well as contribute to the planning, development and implementation of school curriculum.

  3. Organize appropriate opportunities and environment for the promotion of the teaching/learning process.

  4. Diagnose individual students learning strengths, difficulties and problems of social adjustment and be able to give counselling on a remedial level.

  5. Acquire skills for effective management.

Admission Requirements

A candidate must fulfill the following minimum qualifications for admission to the PGDE Programme.

(a) Have a minimum qualification of a first degree from a recognized university.

(b) Should have studied at least two subjects or their equivalent, taught at the secondary school level in Kenya.

Course Structure

(a) Candidates admitted to the PGDE Course will take their courses in the School of Education, covering all the under listed professional areas of Education.

• Educational Foundations

• Educational Psychology

• Educational Administration, Planning and Curriculum Development

• Educational Communication and Technology

(b) Each candidate shall take a subject methods course in the subjects offered by the candidate as teaching subjects preparing him/her to teach in two school curriculum subjects such as:

Mathematics Fine Arts

Biological Sciences/biology Geography

Religious Education Physics/Physical Sciences

Economics/Commerce Chemistry

English History

French Kiswahili

Computer Education Technology Education

Commercial Subjects Music

Literature in English German

Social Education and Ethics


During his/her course for the PGDE, the student will carry out one project in addition to course work which will:

(a) constitute a requirement for the partial fulfillment for the award of the PGDE in Education.

(b) be selected in consultation with a supervising member of staff.

For the project the student will identify a problem for investigation, research the problem and make

recommendations in the form of a report. The final report will be presented in bound form.

Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice will come at the end of the second semester. It will be for the duration of one secondary school term.

To provide the students with practical experience, each student will undergo supervised Teaching Practice in his/her two subjects of specialization. This practice will be carried out in a recognized Secondary School selected in consultation with University staff in charge of the Teaching Practice. The Teaching Practice will come at the end of the academic year. It will be for the duration of one secondary school academic term. The PGDE students will do their Teaching Practice and be supervised concurrently with the third year B.Ed students.


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